AFI Film Festival: The AFI Block

‘No Bears,’ ‘Walk Up’ and other movies to see at AFI Fest

As they take their seats to see the feature films and short films at AFI’s annual Film Festival in Salt Lake City on Friday, the audience is asked to make a loudest standing ovation for the two-hour block of classic and nonfiction films curated on the AFI Stage.

The festival has expanded this year to include a number of other films in addition to the AFI block. A panel discussion panel featuring filmmaker and historian Peter De Vries, who will discuss the film-maker’s process, and artist-producer Jason Schwartzman, who is producing a film he is calling ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ will examine the evolution of Chinese cinema.

Another film, ‘No Bears,’ is a documentary about the relationship between a lesbian couple living in New York City in the 1950s who decide to move to an isolated island because of what they see as un-American behavior in other communities.

The festival runs from May 23 through 27, and is free to the public. The AFI Film Festival website states that “There are no refunds, but to get a refund, call the AFI box office. The movie is already out and the audience can see it for $5.” If you can’t get in to the festival, the AFI website is listing a number of films to view online from the fest.

From ‘The Godfather’ to ‘Jaws: A New Blood,’ a number of movies that have been brought to the AFI stage over the years — like ’12 Angry Men’ — have made an impact with audiences.

For more information on AFI’s “Film Festival” as well as the films and documentaries on the AFI Stage, visit the official website.

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