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America’s Voice launches $1 million ad campaign against Virginia Democrats

America’s Voice launches $1 million ad campaign against Virginia Democrats

Pro-life PAC hits Abrams, Warnock in $1 million ad campaign as ‘too extreme on abortion’ The pro-life group America’s Voice will launch an advertising campaign Monday attacking the Democratic gubernatorial candidates for their votes on abortion in statehouses.

America’s Voice, the pro-life PAC seeking to unseat Democrats in Virginia this November, has launched a $1 million ad campaign attacking gubernatorial candidates Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie along with their votes on abortion, according to The Washington Post.

The ads will be run in all 50 Virginia counties and will begin appearing Monday, according to a memo sent to the Virginia Democrats’ campaign arm and obtained by the Washington Post.

In the ad, a woman is shown talking with a man who says he’s from an area north of Richmond and that he wants to work with Northam to find a solution to the opioid crisis.

“I hear they’ve got problems. I’m hearing they’re dying at a record rate,” he says. “I feel like if they want to get a solution, they’ve got to elect this man to do that. Because he is committed to it.”

The ad goes on to show a smiling Northam talking with a similar man as they walk through an agricultural field. “All I ask is that you support him in whatever way you can in the future,” Northam says.

“I hope you’re right, because you’re the only man that can make this state right,” the man replies.

The ad’s message is clear: that Northam is pro-life and pro-marriage, and Gillespie is not.

“So it’s not a question of what’s most likely to get you elected, it’s what is most likely to keep you from your job,” America’s Voice

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