Apple AirTags are a WiFi hotspot for other passengers

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

Lufthansa has issued updated air-checkage rules to clarify that the Apple AirTag is now permitted to be placed in checked baggage at all of the airline’s hubs in Europe.

The update was announced in a press release on Wednesday. The release said Lufthansa has added new air-check rules, which clarify that “Apple AirTags are not restricted in checked baggage at any of the Lufthansa hubs.”

The release added, “Apple AirTags are authorized in checked baggage only in connection with your original purchase and the validity period of the AirCode in which it was purchased is not exceeded.”

Also on Wednesday, the AP reported that the German airline ordered the removal of the AirTag from checked baggage.

AirTag:What’s in a Tag?

Many airlines have banned the use of personal electronics on in-flight. But Apple didn’t. In fact, an Apple AirTag was used for this story. Apple AirTags are small, wireless cards that can read and store information on a mobile device connected to the Internet. When a passenger puts the AirTag on board a plane, he or she instantly becomes a WiFi hotspot for other passengers. The tag has a tiny computer embedded in it and can access the data on the other passengers’ phones or tablets when they are on board.

The Apple AirTag was first launched about a year ago when it began providing wireless Internet connectivity from around the world to its customers. It is Apple’s first hardware attachment for Apple’s MobileMe service, which provides Internet access to Apple customers’ mobile devices when they are on the go and at home.

Apple’s announcement about the AirTag, which was made in February, sparked headlines in some media. Apple’s decision to add the AirTag to Apple’s

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