Blue Moon Sues Colorado for Mislabeled Products

Blowing smoke? Lawsuit accuses popular cannabis brand of overstating THC content in its joints

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A Colorado attorney says a popular cannabis brand that advertises its products as containing THC concentrations in “the milligram range” may be overstating its THC content in its joints.

At least six people appear to have died or been hospitalized after smoking the product sold by a popular cannabis brand on Instagram.

A lawsuit filed against the company accuses it of selling products that may have been mislabeled.

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The lawsuit alleges that the popular hemp-based cannabis brand Blue Moon has caused “serious harm,” and asks a judge to order it to pay damages.

Blue Moon is a Colorado-based company that advertises its products on Instagram as containing hemp-based products, such as marijuana-infused chocolate, cookies and brownies.

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The lawsuit, filed July 27 in U.S. District Court in Denver, says Blue Moon “failed to accurately or honestly represent to its consumers that its products contain no more than 0.3% THC, and that its products do not contain any other controlled substance.”

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Blue Moon’s founder and CEO, Jeff Rose, said the company has stopped selling products with more than 2 percent THC. The lawsuit says the company’s products are no longer sold in stores after the case ended.

Blue Moon does not appear on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s database of public cannabis dispensaries, but the business is listed on a list of legal marijuana dispensaries in Arizona and California. Blue Moon has locations in those states, as well as New Mexico and Washington.

Rose told ABC affiliate KEYT-TV on July 27 that his company had been told by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that they do not consider the company a licensed dispensary. He said he couldn’t discuss Blue Moon because of the lawsuit.

A spokesman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said the agency had looked into the lawsuit and found no evidence of wrongdoing.

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Rose told ABC affiliate KEYT-TV on July 27 that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation notified him about the lawsuit.

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