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Climate is a Hoax

Climate is a Hoax

Op-Ed: Climate change is a big problem. Citizens must demand many small solutions.

An op-ed by former U.S. Representative Pat Nolan. This is a guest post by the Huffington Post editor, who also wrote an op-ed for the HuffPo.


This is an op-ed from former U.S. representative Pat Nolan. His new article is in response to those who call climate change a hoax. He says:

Climate is as real as the air you breath. Humans are the cause of most of the world’s climate changes. That sounds like a lot of responsibility, but there’s one important difference between you and me. You’re not the first person to tell me this. It goes back decades, if not centuries. Maybe it doesn’t concern you, but it’s important to me. I’ve spent my life trying to figure out how to tackle the problem…So this is not my latest contribution to the climate debate — it’s a response to my colleagues who keep telling me climate is a joke. They’ve convinced themselves it’s just a political fight to score cheap points for their donors — a distraction from the real issues that they and their billionaire cronies, like the Koch brothers, care about most.

So let me get this straight.

“Climate is a joke” — that’s from those in the “carbon credit industry”. “Climate is a political football” — from those in the “carbon tax industry”. This is a new one. Here’s how “climate is a joke.” It’s not a joke, and the people that say it’s a joke are not joking. For nearly 40 years, the people who are making money from the carbon-heavy industry we all depend on have been telling us it’s a joke. They want you to laugh. They want you to think it’s a joke until you realize their goal is to control and manipulate the rest of the world for their personal financial gain.

“Climate is just political theater” — that’s from those in the “carbon tax industry.” They want people to think it’s political theater, and then they want the politicians in Washington to make it political theater

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