CNN Hero: A Project to Repurpose a Laptop

This CNN Hero upcycles old computers to open new worlds for young Kenyans

Dedicated to the idea that tech gadgets are tools we use in life — not a status symbol or a status symbol that you can “upcycle” — CNN Hero is a project to get people interested in and using tech in their everyday lives and to inspire others. They will go from being consumers to being makers to being inventors to becoming entrepreneurs to solving problems and solving problems with the best of the best technology the world has to offer.

They aim to inspire and move their community forward through the power of technology.

The idea for the project came about when Kenyan journalist Njoki Omondi came across this video of a woman in Washington, DC, re-purposing a laptop from a local church in Kenya, which was used as a teaching tool in elementary school.

“The laptop was given to her and she was able to teach her children, and use it,” said Omondi. “And she was also a woman, very powerful, and she created her own opportunities. She opened up her world, her classroom, she opened up her world in America and as a result, her children, their education was better, she was able to build her own class, her own school.”

Omondi and CNN Hero’s director of communications and public relations, Sarah Moore, were inspired by the story.

“I was watching this video and I really just wanted to find a way in which we could do something similar here,” said Omondi. “So I started talking to people and we were talking about how we could do a project about how we can do this in the media and we all ended up making this.”

In this video, young Kenyans hear the story of the laptop as it was transformed into a learning tool for their youngest students, then learn how they could use

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