CNN’s ratings have been in decline for the last two weeks

Can a new morning show with Don Lemon help turn around CNN’s fortunes?

The last two weeks have been a bad one for CNN. Since the resignation of President Trump over the “Access Hollywood” tape that came out on July 7, which was widely believed to have been consensual, and the subsequent ousting of President Obama, whose administration the network had a tense relationship with, the once-mighty network has steadily slid in the ratings.

According to a new study released by Nielsen, CNN’s ratings have been in decline since the first week in early August. CNN’s total national audience is down by three million viewers in the last half-year. CNN’s overall time-shifting — i.e. non-guaranteed delivery — has been reduced by more than 7 percent in the same period, as have the number of minutes of live broadcasts.

On the day the Access Hollywood video was published, CNN took in more than 6.1 million viewers, or an audience that was down by roughly 1.5 million viewers on the day it was released. Since then, CNN’s audience has steadily declined, with the network’s total viewership falling to 6.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, a sharp drop from the 6.81 million viewers it had in the same quarter of 2016, the Nielsen survey found.

To put that into perspective, even a year ago, CNN was averaging 9.6 million viewers per day. This year, CNN’s ratings have been under the 2 million mark ever since the mid-to-late-summer months of 2017, and by a good margin. Not only had CNN declined in total audience, but it had declined by close to 3 million viewers in prime time, where the network is primarily focused. With the network having been known for its strong ratings in the prime time hours, the lack of prime time in the last few weeks is a real disappointment for CNN and a major change for the network’s viewing audience.

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