Cuban Americans Call for Change

After Hurricane Ian left Cuba in the dark, protestors took to the streets. Now the government is set to charge them with sedition. The Cuban American Coalition will be bringing you the latest developments of the movement.

Cuban protests against hurricanes in the Caribbean and Central America have taken to the streets. Activist groups have organized demonstrations, calling for change for the island. And now the Cuban government wants to charge protestors with treason, saying they have been “endangering the security” of the country. Activist groups say they have been charged because they are trying to change the regime of Fidel Castro.

Cuban Americans in Tampa, Florida are calling the protest “dirty,” but the activists say they are still marching for change in the island, saying that democracy in Cuba is not what it was. This is the latest in a series of protests in Cuba.

When will we see the Cubans start to revolt against our rulers?

As the Cuban government tries to make a deal with the Obama administration over the future of the US-Cuba relationship, one of the most explosive issues is likely to be Cuba’s opposition to the United States embargo.

Cuba has been a major opponent of the embargo ever since the US imposed it in 1962. And while President Barack Obama has proposed changes to the embargo from his first day in office, the Cuban government has held firm on its opposition. In February, President Obama made a speech in which he described Cuba as “an important part of our hemisphere” and promised that he would “not abandon Cuba.”

But a few days after that speech, Cuba’s government announced that it would cut diplomatic ties with the United States. Its new stance came after months of international criticism that the US embargo was strangling Cuba’s economy. More recently, it was confirmed that Fidel Castro had ordered his government to stop shipments of weapons to the United States.

Cuba has not severed diplomatic ties with the United States in exchange for any significant concessions. And while the Obama administration now says it is “open” to

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