Danielle Deadwyler on “Till”

Danielle Deadwyler Is the Beating Heart of ‘Till’

Danielle Deadwyler is the heart, soul, and beating mind of “Till” — the hit CBS soap opera that takes a dark look at two family members in mid-life crisis.

The actress plays Nancy — her name short for “Norene” — who is just out of college and living in New York City with her young son, Tyler (Josh Lucas). A career in fashion may be an option, but there’s a better way for Nancy. She must decide whether to enter an acting class in order to have the chance to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

It’s a struggle that Nancy ultimately decides to walk through. Tyler’s father, Steve (Robert Sean Leonard), is about to embark on an epic road trip with his son’s entire high school class, and he has decided to make it an unforgettable day. It is his last chance to have his best friend, Tyler’s cousin, Tyler’s friend, Tyler’s boyfriend, and her only friend.

“I was told I would be typecast. I was always told that I was the little sister or the little sister of the main character,” Deadwyler says. “I can’t wait for my first movie. I hope and I pray that I get to do that. ”

She stars alongside her “Til” co-star Josh Lucas, whom she describes as a “soul-mate” and says she “worships” his talent. The pair are playing their first character-together.

Deadwyler has also been shooting one of the most challenging films she’s ever played — a film that is so heavy with emotions that she is almost paralyzed with the amount of emotion. The part of Nancy is different from the rest of her performances, that’s for sure. It’s just like playing a role — there’s a lot going on.

The following is an exclusive interview with Deadwyler.

How are you feeling about working on “Till,” the hit CBS soap opera — a show that takes a dark look at two family members in mid-life crisis?

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