Democrats Need to Make a Pitch to Voters

House Dems’ class of 2018 on the chopping block Tuesday as political pendulum swings back to GOP?

Democratic candidates are using their House endorsements to make hay out of their party’s latest electoral stumble. But what if the House of Representatives is not the only place where Dems need to make a pitch to voters?

In the wake of a midterm election that saw Democratic gains on the economy and health care, Democrats will take a hit among college-educated whites without a college degree, making Democratic congressional candidates even more attractive if they cannot make up for those losses in future elections.

The latest data also show that Republicans have successfully turned the tables on the generic ballot, which is a measure of voters’ overall preference. The Democratic advantage dropped from a 9-point advantage in September to an 8-point advantage in November.

Paired with a potential loss among women, along with the growing gender gap, Democrats clearly have to make a renewed case to voters about the party’s message.

“It depends on the candidates,” said Doug Thorn, who was a top adviser to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. “The Democrats will have to take a very serious look and figure out what they’re going to try to do in 2018. If they have a message in that election, they are not doing well.”

By comparison, Republicans got a bounce from their generic ballot result, which also showed a 9-point advantage for Republicans. And while voters do not seem to care about generic ballot results, they do appear to care a lot about the issues.

The question is whether the party that failed to capitalize on the economy’s improvement is going to do better in the future, says David Wasserman, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In 2010, Democrat Jim Clyburn was best able to capitalize on a Democratic resurgence that saw Republicans lose five seats, including in his congressional district in South Carolina.

In 2014, that trend has reversed. Democrats now control the House, and Republican candidates have been hammered by the GOP’s success at the ballot box, he said.

“What the Democrats are saying is they don’t have a message,” said Mr. Wasserman. “This election is about the

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