Eric Burton says the lyrics to the national anthem are “very difficult”

World Series 2022: Black Pumas singer Eric Burton blunders lyrics to national anthem

Eric Burton says the lyrics to the national anthem at the United States World Cup soccer game between the United States and Canada were “very difficult.”

During a phone interview with the Free Press on Monday, the Puma singer explained the lyric was supposed to be “one of those ‘oh-oohs’ that you do with your mouth.”

He said it was “not too bad,” but he was “shocked by what was on that page.”

Burton said he had an “A-plus” in English class.

The Puma singer said the lyrics to the national anthem “do make me think about this game” because the players are “not playing for their country.”

Burton said, “They are playing for themselves, and they are not playing for the American Dream.”

Burton said he had been “thinking about patriotism all week,” and that the lyrics were “very difficult.”

A spokesman with the United States Soccer Association did not immediately respond for comment.

Burton began playing the national anthem to the song “The Star Spangled Banner” at a high school football game last fall, hoping it would “show his teammates” the true meaning of the song.

“That’s when I decided, ‘Why not do it?’” Burton said.

Burton said the performance was a huge success.

Burton began playing piano in kindergarten and “had a piano by the age of four and started singing.” He began playing football at age 10 and said he was “very, very good.”

He moved to Canada at age 16 to play soccer for a team there for a year.

In the early 1920s, Burton moved to the U.S. to play with the Detroit Wanderers, who were based in Detroit, Mich.

Burton played for the Detroit team until about 1928, when he moved to New York City to join the New York Shamrocks

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