Eric Weinberg faces prison sentence after he tried to force producer to drop sexual assault charges against him

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society

The American Film Institute named Weinstein ‘one of the 100 most important filmmakers of all time’, while his producer, Douglas Sirk, was given ‘honorary membership’ in the Guild of Motion Picture and Television Producers

He was ordered to surrender his property and pay a $4-million bond

Weinstein was slapped with the criminal contempt conviction after the Los Angeles jury found he tried to force sexual misconduct charges to be dropped but the judge ruled there was no evidence of attempted extortion

‘We find him deeply offensive and reprehensible.’

Eric Weinberg, one of the 100 most influential filmmakers of all time, now faces a prison sentence of up to three years after the court found him guilty of trying to coerce a producer to drop criminal sexual assault charges against him.

The producer, Douglas Sirk, was also convicted of that charge.

The jury returned the verdict after just over an hour of deliberation.

While Weinberg was acquitted on one count of criminal contempt of court, his attorney said his client would appeal the other one. The actor John Candy won a victory in the civil case against Sirk after Sirk sued Candy for a share of the money they generated while filming ‘The Great Outdoors.’

Weinstein had been sentenced to community service and ordered to pay a $4 million bill.

‘After a year of hard-fought trial I am pleased with this result, particularly because there was no indication that the prosecutor was going to win on any count, so we have prevailed on all counts,’ defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman said.

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Weinstein has now lost his $5 million bail. This picture was taken in 1992 when he bought his $3 million oceanfront estate in Coney Island from a bankrupt man with money from the ‘Jerry Lewis Fan Club Association.’

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And now, his home in Los Angeles, a home he claimed he bought for $1 billion.

In the end, he lost $4 million of the $5 million

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