Fargo’s Economic Condition Index is Up, But Prices Are Up

Geez, Even Fargo Has Gone Upscale And Gone Downscale

For years, we’ve been hearing about how the city of Fargo has not only gone upscale, but gone downscale: “Fargo has moved from a place with high, old-fashioned values to being a hip, young, urban place,” said David D. Schulz, the director of research for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

But, now, even that’s changing, according to new data from a report released by the Federal Trade Commission in early January, which concluded that, “The quality of life in Fargo, population growth and new development continue to drive the city’s overall economic fortunes.”

The report said the city is growing in all five categories measured by Economic Condition Index, and that more new construction (and new residents) are entering the city. “At times in the past, economic conditions in Fargo were weak,” the report said, but in the past five years, Fargo’s economic condition has improved. On the other hand, construction in the city in 2008 has decreased and residential construction is actually declining.

As we noted in January when we examined how Fargo had moved from a place with high-end values to one of relative affordability, the fact Fargo has gone upscale and downscale is a mixed blessing. It means things are going up in the city, but prices are going up too. It means things are moving in the right direction, but not necessarily for Fargo.

The report’s conclusion: “[D]espite a continued downward trend in construction, Fargo’s overall condition continues to improve.”

While the report isn’t conclusive, it is a good indication that things are on the right track. And we have seen some positive indicators as well — as the city has made strides to reduce air pollution, and as the city is improving its finances.

It’s not easy to keep moving in this direction when the entire environment is changing. But, given a more favorable outlook, Fargo has a lot of reasons to be optimistic.

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