Game of Thrones: Queen Elia and King Tommen

Would You Go ‘Targaryen Blond’?

In season 1, episode 1 of Game of Thrones, the newly named King Tommen will go into a meeting with Queen Elia. In the following scenes we will see, for the first time, the two royal families meet like a head to head in a battle. The scene was filmed in a large studio in Iceland, where the production crew set up their studio to produce the show’s first scenes for Game of Thrones. As the crew members filmed the scene, Queen Elia looked in and said, “Well, I suppose I will go to King’s Landing,” to which King Tommen said, “I’d be proud to have you as my brother-in-law.”

Queen Elia was clearly not the type to agree with King Tommen’s marriage proposal. She then asked her husband-to-be, Prince Viserys, to tell Tommen he would be better off without her, which obviously pissed him off. When Queen Elia saw this, she then called her handmaid, Yara, saying she needed Yara to go to Tommen and tell him it would not be a good idea to have her marrying Viserys. Although Yara was skeptical, she agreed to the plan, and rushed to Tommen to inform him.

This was not the first time the Dornish Queen spoke to her family with such an assertive attitude. Earlier on, she had been very emotional during her wedding, throwing her rings into the fire. She also made an attempt to escape from The Wall when King’s Landing was attacked, but she was stopped by Jon, who brought her back to her family.

This was a scene from Game of Thrones’ first season. To capture the drama, the cast had to be put in an intense production environment that was completely different from the usual shooting locations.

Queen Elia was not at all happy with King Tommen’s marriage proposal, saying that he would be better off without his wife

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