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Guardiola’s press conference: “City versus Madrid”

Guardiola’s press conference: “City versus Madrid”

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This article is more than 3 years old

This article is more than 3 years old

Manchester City’s new manager, Pep Guardiola, is set to bring his first manager’s press conference of this season on Monday 17 April.

Guardiola will take questions from both local media and the media outside of Spain. The English press won’t stop asking him questions, with many reporters from the country’s top newspapers already confirmed to be in attendance before or at the press conference itself.

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Here is a selection of the questions and answers that Guardiola is likely to answer in a press conference at which he intends to “reinvent” the “City-versus-Madrid” match for the ages.

Guardiola’s first question

Guardiola will surely raise the issue of his two-week ban from football at Barcelona, due to the nature of the ban, which was for “conduct detrimental to the image of the Spanish national team”, and “conduct detrimental to the image of football”. Guardiola’s Barcelona and City teams have played each other on seven occasions, including in the Spanish Supercopa, and Guardiola was criticised by the Catalan club for not coming in for a foul on the referee after one such match last season.

It’s a question that will be asked of Guardiola by the media, and the questions that the manager himself will be expected to answer are likely to be a combination of the more pressing ones, like how he would address the “buzz” about City’s alleged racism and the accusation to which he was subjected of not taking a “strong enough” stance against Manchester United – a charge that the club have denied.

“I’m sure I’ll tackle that on the day,” Guardiola said to the Independent last week, “but the most effective way

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