How the COVID-19 financial cost will be felt in Toronto

Toronto sets January date for city workers to return to the office, amid rising COVID-19 cases, Omicron uncertainty

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – It’s a sobering new reality that we must grapple with in the coming days and weeks as we watch the number of cases soar in Ontario, and in Ontario, health officials are struggling to identify the source of the outbreak. As of Tuesday morning, there’s been 17 cases in Toronto.

Toronto City Council is holding a joint meeting of the public and its staff on Tuesday, April 2nd, to discuss the new reality we face as more than 1,000 Toronto city workers are set to return to their desks at work.

At the same time, a major question remains: How does this affect our public services, how is this affecting those who have the most to lose financially, and how are we going to continue to pay our police officers $10 to $15 an hour, especially after their strike is over? It’s a question that will have a chilling effect on our city and its citizens.

In the following section, I want to outline how the financial cost of COVID-19 is going to be felt in Toronto, and how we can continue to deliver the most important things that Toronto does, without compromising our safety and security.

The COVID-19 financial cost in Toronto

In Canada, we can expect an economic hit of around $6.4 billion if we had just one case of COVID-19 for every person working in Toronto.

We recognize that in the course of the pandemic, other costs are bound to occur that may not be immediately visible, but if we don’t pay attention to them, the cumulative economic costs will be significant.

In his final press conference in Toronto on Tuesday morning, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that the provincial government is prepared to do all it can to ensure the government of Ontario gets its money’s worth from the pandemic. ‘What we’ve seen in our recent weeks is an example of the best of government,’ said Ford. ‘It’s the same good leadership that we’ve seen for the fight against terrorism, for veterans, for the environment, and for women in the workplace.’

“All across Ontario, we’re seeing first-hand the benefits of the government’s leadership in the fight against COVID-19

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