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How to Get Your Vote Counted

How to Get Your Vote Counted

I mailed in my ballot for the midterms. How can I tell if it’s been counted?

What’s that you say? You didn’t have a chance to vote in the presidential election? No, you can’t do that. Your ballot was destroyed.

Or did I just pick a moment to post on Facebook about a presidential election I haven’t been able to vote in? Ah, it’s like that! (Also: my ballot was destroyed, too, so we went to our polling place and voted for all of 2018!)

For my entire life, the two most reliable ways to get a ballot into the hands of election officials were: 1) write it on the back of an envelope and 2) drop it in a mailbox. I think I can count on both of those being reliable. But maybe this year, the election officials will decide to give everyone a separate ballot. Or maybe I’ll figure that out after I vote this year!

Now I need to find a new ballot in the mail.

I want to vote, not go to the voting booth. I want my ballot to count, but I don’t want it to be a point of confusion. I just want to see a result by 6 pm on November 8. That’s what I want, and more importantly, that’s what I’m hoping for.

It’s election time! But before you cast your ballots, you’ve been looking for ways to verify your votes were counted. What’s the fastest and most effective way to verify your ballot was counted?

If you’re not sure if your ballot was counted, you can get your ballot into the hands of election officials by mailing it in or dropping it off at one of the designated places for ballot drop-off (including your neighborhood post office or local college).

But, if you know that your ballot was not counted, how can you get the word out? Are there any reliable ways to get the word across?

I will absolutely tell my friends and family to vote as soon as they receive a mail in ballot, or they can make sure to bring a

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