How to Stay Healthy During the Summer

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Summer is a busy time for Oregon residents, many of whom are outdoors enthusiasts with an eye on the coast or mountains. But for some, the summer can bring worries, including illnesses, heat related issues and a desire to stay active and cool.

“Summer is actually the worst time to have a cold or flu, given the high humidity and the hot temperatures,” said Dr. Mark Zeebrake, chief of medical services at the hospital’s emergency department.

If your cough or flu does turn up during the summer, Zeebrake recommends you stay hydrated and avoid anything with alcohol. Drink water, fruit juices and sports drinks when you feel thirsty — and try to drink more at these times. Alcohol and acetaminophen, the pain reliever, can both mask symptoms that may be serious.

“Avoid all forms of tobacco,” he said.

If nausea doesn’t go away by the end of a day or two, the doctor suggests you find something, such as a drink, to help you feel better. There are plenty of ways to relieve that sort of misery.

“Try herbal teas or chamomile,” Zeebrake said. Chamomile is a milder cousin of peppermint but a similar substance. “If the feeling persists, have a hot water bottle on hand to ease the discomfort. Also, ice helps.”

Here are some things you can do to stay healthy during the summer.

Drink water when thirsty: A good option is to add a slice of a lemon to a smoothie or juice cup. Zeebrake said this works on both the taste and the hydration front.

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