I gave up ownership of Hobby Lobby

My decision to give away ownership of Hobby Lobby: I chose God

Last night I made the decision to give up ownership of Hobby Lobby. I had read some online statements by the company owner and felt that there was a lot of fear, anger and misinformation being spread. Some of the information made it appear as if the company had intentionally defrauded the government by buying up goods for itself and refusing to sell them to other companies. I began to question that in a big way. I asked to meet with him to discuss the situation.

This is what I found out.

David Green, an attorney who represents Hobby Lobby, met with me for over an hour and it was a humbling time for me as I listened to his story and realized the person he was dealing with. The story he told me was so painful that I have felt it in my heart as if I were there with him, witnessing the events with my own eyes.

We started by discussing the most recent article written by Mike Lofquist which was published in Politico. I knew it by sight, but I couldn’t understand the article because he didn’t describe his source or the source of information he used to make the article. I was angry and I told him, “I am not going to support Hobby Lobby.” I have been told the company has 5,000 employees working for it and the company has over 2,000 in total. He didn’t even ask for my statement, but I offered it anyway.

I didn’t want to give the company any more money than I was willing to give it. He said that he could pay me $0 and I could keep my stock so long as I believed in the company. I agreed with him. My feeling was that as a business he would eventually be out of business. So, I asked that Hobby Lobby only receive donations. I wanted them to have freedom to make a profit, but not a free pass to make profit. After all, if they choose not to sell, they receive the money they are trying to give to the government.

Later during our conversation, he shared with me that the company had received a letter from the government and had even requested a meeting with them. The company

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