Indonesian football player says he will never play football again after escape from Jakarta stadium

Indonesia police: Stadium exit gates too small for escapees

Police stand guard as the football crowd leaves the stadium at the conclusion of the match between the Indonesia Super League (ISL) champions Persija Jakarta and the third division team Jogeran Bintang in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sunday, August 6, 2016. (Indonesian Police Press Office / REUTERS)

Kemarit Pudjiastuti says he will never play football again after he and his brother were among a group of 10 men who managed to escape from the Jakarta stadium during Sunday’s football match between Jogeran Bintang and Persija Jakarta.

A police spokesman said early Monday that police were investigating the incident.

“We have received a report on a man who managed to escape and police are currently investigating,” senior police investigator Ari Siswanto told reporters.

On his Twitter, Persija Jakarta player Andres Tiyabas asked fans to “join our call for the government to do something about the security of the stadium,” after Sunday’s match, when a match-fixing scandal involving two previous matches led to the cancellation of the remainder of the season.

The man had been stopped on his way out of the stadium, before police intervened.

“Police say he was not drunk at the time of the incident but did not say why he was not stopped. Police are yet to receive a report from the National Police spokesman and the airport about his arrival,” Siswanto said.

He said that police would now investigate whether there was any relationship between the incident and Sunday’s match.

“Indonesia has a serious problem with match-fixing. We will investigate where this happened and ensure that it not happens again. We are doing this for the safety of all Indonesians who attend the matches,” he said.

Tiyabas added: “Our club has lost the only chance to play in the Indonesia Super League but still we will remain strong in our cause, we have decided to take the fight to the next level.”

On Monday morning, there was no statement on the police investigation. “In the meantime police are looking into the allegation,” said Siswanto.

Reuters witnesses at the scene of the incident described seeing more than a dozen people running

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