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Karol G. Is Getting More and More Music

Karol G. Is Getting More and More Music

Oh, baby! Karol G is ‘grateful’ after visiting fan who gave birth at her Fresno concert

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Gainesville and the surrounding metro area are home to an eclectic blend of cultures, including some that don’t mix too well. A lot of people would have to be in shock to have not heard that name before.

And one such person is Karol G. After listening to her hit song “Tongue Tied,” which was written by her brother Mark, she released “Grateful in Life,” a song in which she thanks God for the opportunity she has had to share her story and music with the world. G. is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman and E! Entertainment.

According to The Washington Post, she has gone to Africa and Canada, and her most recent album, “I’ll Be Alright,” is expected to be released this summer. “I’ll Be Alright” celebrates the joy of living and includes songs like “Pray Me Back,” which she says about the life of a young mother:

“It’s not just sitting around and watching TV

And you’ve got nobody to give you a kiss

And you just get so damn tired

I’ll be alright.”

But the song that is sure to be making the rounds out West is “Tongue Tied,” a song so moving and so personal that it was written by her brother Mark—who’s been in an on-and-off relationship with Karol for several years—with his wife, Kelly. G. wrote it after her brother left a family Thanksgiving dinner party early to go see a movie. He never came back, and he never returned to their mother’s house again.

And when

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