Long Beach voters to decide whether to repeal city’s ban on “partial-birth” abortions

Democrats rally in Long Beach for abortion rights measure Proposition 1

Voters in Long Beach City Council District 4, located in the western part of the city, will decide Tuesday whether to repeal the city’s ban on “partial-birth” abortions.

Voters in Long Beach, California will decide Tuesday whether to repeal the city’s ban on “partial-birth” abortions. Supporters, including Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides, are holding a mass rally Monday night in Long Beach City Council District 4, the area that includes the city’s University of Southern California. Opponents are planning a night of protests at Long Beach City Hall.

A majority of voters in Long Beach rejected an initiative that would have banned “partial-birth” abortions, a practice that involves dismembering a baby and removing its limbs. The city’s ban was upheld by the California Supreme Court in May.

Protesters in support of the ban say the procedures are “the most gruesome thing” in the world and are performed to save the lives of women who are seriously ill. But opponents say that’s just not true.

“I think that’s just not true, and I think there’s something that they’ve got to look at when they’re going into this decision, which is why I feel this is an important time to raise that topic of partial-birth abortion,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Huff said to a crowd of people at a Tuesday night rally.

There have been 1,000 partial-birth abortions in California so far this year. One in six babies are aborted in California each year.

There is no federal restrictions on abortion, but there are laws in 36 states that allow some abortions only if a woman’s life is in danger. California is one of three states — the others being Texas and Georgia — where abortion is legal in almost all circumstances.

The state’s pro-life position is not supported by medical experts or other public figures such as former President Bill Clinton or former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pro-life movement advocates for a woman’s right to choose to end a pregnancy, rather than restrict it.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is

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