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Lula da Silva to return to office in fairness

Lula da Silva to return to office in fairness

Lula da Silva will return to Brazil’s presidency in stunning comeback victory

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After six months of electoral chaos, Brazil’s president-elect will return to office in an even-handed manner that will be welcomed by many within the political spectrum.

Lula da Silva is expected to win re-election in 2018.

The former president of the world’s second-biggest oil-producing country has seen his popularity fall among many voters, who say his government made mistakes.

‘Lula the Great’ was in power for two terms in the 1990s and 2000s, building Brazil into one of the world’s largest economies, becoming a symbol of stability and an inspiring voice for his country.

Many voters in the country’s northeast who cast their ballots for Mr Lula, who is leading in the first round of the run-off vote, saw the former leader as a friend in need and the leader who could rebuild the reputation of the north’s main country.

Lula da Silva’s return to Brazil’s presidency comes almost exactly three years after his election defeat on the back of a series of corruption and violence scandals that have exposed the murky power-sharing system that has governed Brazil since the end of the military dictatorship in 1985.

As soon as the vote results are declared, the president-elect will swear to act in a democratic and transparent manner.

“I am confident the result is going to be in favour of Lula and that he wins in the first round,” said Sergio Melo, former president of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies from 2000-2004.

“A victory for Lula is a victory for Brazil, and I am sure the results will be the same. You have nothing to worry about.”

Presidential candidates in Brazil’s first ever direct and open presidential election – a first round on October 28

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