Mark Ridley-Thomas, a Republican Candidate

Letters to the Editor: Recording shows need for special election to fill Mark Ridley-Thomas’ seat

It doesn’t take an ounce of genius to foresee that, given the new makeup of the City Council after the recent election, no one would vote for any candidate who was not a Republican. So, I find that I am surprised at the number of people who write me offering to donate money to the Republican Party, or to the Republican Candidate in question.

No, there is no question that Republican candidates can be elected to office. The only question is whether they should be.

Mark Ridley-Thomas and his fellow Republicans on the City Council are currently facing a huge problem; they lack leadership.

I am tired of seeing my city’s budget get cut. I am tired of not being able to afford a parking spot because of the economic downturn. I am tired of the city having a surplus of money, and the City Council being the only ones who have any say in it.

The reason why I am writing you is as follows.

I saw on your web page the other night that Mark Ridley-Thomas was asked to give a two hour speech; he did this in his regular, three hour, day. He gave a three hour speech.

On the web page that you mention, it seems that he gave an hour of prepared remarks (I don’t remember seeing his speech outline), and the four hours he spoke in public were taken from a DVD, that he had already spoken so much on, that it was just a matter of taking the relevant portions and putting them into a CD. I believe that most people who watch a DVD have a hard time listening to the person doing the talking, so to speak. You put people who watch DVDs with pre-recorded speeches on the web page, but that doesn’t mean that they do it as well as Ridley-Thomas did.

I am a huge fan of Mark Ridley

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