Michael Bauer’s New York Times Food Critic’s Commentary

Highlights From The New York Times Food Festival

It takes a lot to make New York Times food critic Michael Bauer happy. His day is spent reviewing the city’s restaurants, food trucks, food stalls, farmers, and the food of the United States. It has to be said that the food scene in New York City is ever-changing, and that his job is an ever-changing job, which is a good thing. He has some pretty good tips for where to eat out and what to order.

In a recent column for the Times, he raved about his first ever visit to the new Food Festival, which is happening at Bryant Park in Manhattan on Saturday, September 18. He writes:

“It’s a festival, which is what you get when you combine a music festival and a farmers market. It’s an event that tries to merge the best of both worlds: food and music. And it tries to capture the essence of what makes New York so great — that sense of culture, creativity, and identity, and that sense of the present, as well as the future.”

There are plenty of other fine things to mention in his column, but it’s the above excerpt that I’d like to concentrate on here. When we last saw Mr Bauer, he was raving about the food scene, which was changing at a rapid pace. That was a decade ago, but now there’s not just one food scene but two.

One is the food scene, with two main pillars — food trucks and farmers markets. The other one is the New York Times itself. On September 18, the Times reports, “More than 30,000 people will attend the festival, with nearly 3,000 exhibitors offering everything from local beers to regional wine and cheeses to artisanal foods from around the world. (See the full list here.)”

Mr Bauer also shares his thoughts on the new Food Festival with NYT food reporter Deborah Avant, who has a bit more food-specific expertise than I. She had this to say:

“Michael Bauer’s Food Festival column brings something unusual to the city each autumn. A lot of people want to hear him say ‘This is the best food in New York.’ But there’s a more practical element to the Times�

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