Nancy Pelosi Calls for Investigation into Capitol Attack

‘Heartbroken and traumatized’: Nancy Pelosi responds to violent attack on her husband John.

It was a brutal attack and Nancy Pelosi was wounded in it. Now she is calling for an investigation. From NBC News’ Alex Seitz-Wald and Jonathan Lemire.

Nancy Pelosi was on Capitol Hill on Saturday following the death in an attack on her husband, John. Her husband had taken the day off to attend John’s memorial in Northern Virginia.

Pelosi’s husband John was the majority whip for the House of Representatives and one of the most powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi described the scene in the House chamber that night.

“I was in the dining room when I heard my husband yell, ‘We all love you, Nancy.’ And he was gone. And he has passed on to the great beyond,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi described seeing a man with a knife, “walking toward my husband with an assault-type weapon in his hand. This is the same person who got shot last week and survived.”

“I did not see that person,” she said.

Pelosi told reporters that the attacker was quickly apprehended and brought out of the House.

“I’m a mom. I’ve had three daughters, and this is something I’ve never experienced,” she said.

Pelosi is also calling for an investigation into how the Capitol Complex was protected during the attack.

According to the Washington Post, John Pelosi was shot eight times. He was also shot in the shoulder and jaw.

“I wish I had my cell phone for the last two hours and could call every single person I know and say, ‘I love you,’” Pelosi said.

Pelosi’s husband was shot after he opened the door to his Capitol office when a gunman opened fire on him, said police officials.

The attack reportedly happened at his office. Police say officers responded within three minutes.

Pelosi said she was a young staffer when her husband first started working in the Capitol. He

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