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Peter Obi: My vision as president will be Nigeria the best place on Earth

Peter Obi: My vision as president will be Nigeria the best place on Earth

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“My vision if elected will be a new Nigeria, a prosperous and peaceful country that will have a strong economy which will be free from corruption and will be able to compete on the global stage,” the presidential candidate told the audience during a campaign rally held in Lagos.

“I will be a firm believer in the tenets of democracy and equality; I will not be a dictator who will rule without consulting the people,” he added.

Peter Obi is from the ruling All Progressive Congress in Nigeria, which won the election last year with 55 per cent of the vote. He is the first indigenous African to have entered the race and is not a member of any political party.

He also said that he will be focused on helping other members of his party to get elected into government.

“I will ask the people in my constituency to vote for me in 2020, they will get to see me and the things I will bring to them. We will have to fight our opponents on the political side, but we will win on the economic frontline,” he said.

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One of the key aspects that sets Peter Obi apart from the other major candidates, former President Goodluck Jonathan and Senate President Bukola Saraki is his ability to attract foreign investors to Nigeria, particularly for its oil and gas sector.

According to his campaign manager, the Lagos-born Peter Obi has a passion for building the country, which he will help put Nigeria on stable ground, according to his campaign logo.

“As the president of Nigeria, our responsibility is to uplift the lives of the people of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with a lot of challenges from corruption to infrastructure to education. It needs investment, we need jobs. We need investment,” Obi said.

Peter Obi believes that his vision of Nigeria will be different from what Jonathan’s vision was which was to be a stable, prosperous society.

“In fact, he has made all the wrong promises and that is why he should not be in power. He has a very different vision as the president.

“He believes in development and that is why he has made some wrong promises. His vision will be to uplift the people of Nigeria and help them achieve their dreams,” Obi added.

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