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Rihanna Talks About New Album Loud

Rihanna Talks About New Album Loud

New music? A fashion show? Rihanna’s putting in work, work, work, work for resurgence in fashion. In a new interview for New York Times, the singer shares what she’s up to after the scandal of nude photo leaks and the release of her upcoming album.

New music?

A fashion show?

Rihanna is putting in work, work, work, work, work (her choice of words, apparently). In a new interview with New York Times, Rihanna, who’s been busy on the red carpet this month, shares what she’s doing in between getting naked on the covers of magazines.

The singer, who is going out as the cover girl for American Vogue, reveals she’s currently focusing on a new project, which is called Loud. The album was released in June, months after the scandal of nude photo leaks.

Not much is revealed about the album, as Rihanna won’t talk about it in interviews. She also won’t say what the title of the album means, but it sounds like a reference to Rihanna’s recent work, which we now know is the album Loud, and the song Loud.

The “Loud” song, which went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, is just one of many songs about the singer’s experience in Paris, where she says she went to go study the art of acting (!). The whole album is worth a listen.

“I’m not going to name anybody, but it’s a record about me dealing with the scandal, with my feelings on Paris, which I lived there, and that’s part of the reason I made it. There’s also a song about me being with my family, which I haven’t told my family, and we did like many years. I had to work, and now we’re going to have family photos and I’m going to be able to show the kids. And some lyrics were about my feelings on the phone,

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