The Arizona Republican Party is Not afraid to speak out against unpopular members of the Republican establishment

Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake thanks Rep. Liz Cheney for her opposition to her appointment to the state board. Photo: Mark Peterson/Redux

The Arizona Republican Party is not afraid to speak out against unpopular members of the Republican establishment.

During the state Republican convention last month, a resolution was passed to censure State Senator Kari Lake for her support of Gov. Doug Ducey’s abortion ban.

The resolution, which passed with 65 percent of the vote, was designed to send a message. The same thing happened in the House of Representatives when the same resolution passed with 61 percent of the vote.

But they’re also used a tool in Arizona politics to say all of that rhetoric is out of step with voters and the Republican Party’s own values.

A month ago, I sat down with Lake, the Republican nominee for governor, to talk about his support for gay marriage and his opposition to abortion. I asked about his past as a state senator, how he thought people who oppose abortion were different from people who oppose gay marriage and what he thought of the House resolution.

He was willing to answer. And here are two things to know about Lake.

He is the rare politician who is willing to answer all sides of an issue:

1. The Arizona GOP believes in the right of a woman to have an abortion. The party believes the majority of women who choose to have an abortion don’t want to have a baby. It believes in the right to do so, because the majority of women who do choose to have an abortion are trying to make sure their child survives.

2. Most people in the Republican Party are pro-life. And when push comes to shove, many of those people are willing to vote for and support causes that they believe in, when they believe in them. So Lake was willing to say he supports life, even if it means supporting the views of some party members.

I asked about the two things he did differently: Opposing abortion and supporting the law that would allow people to get married through civil unions.

He said he didn’t want to get into all the weeds. But he said:

“I believe very strongly in the pro-life position. That’s my position on the issue, and I think I’m a pro-life candidate. I think I’m pro-life on the issue

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