The Banshees’ Story of a Woman Sleeping

Why Kerry Condon connected with the sadness and desire to leave in her ‘Banshees’ role

The Banshees’ first album, Banshee’s Son, was released in 2000. I recently asked Kerry Condon about the project, and the album, and she told me a story of the music video for “Sadness” that was directed by the band’s former producer, Dave Sardy.

“You know, when we were working on the video, all I remember was Kerry standing on the side of the room with this box and she said, in her quiet way, ‘I have these pictures of a girl sleeping, and I want to see what she looks like.’” I asked, as if I hadn’t already, exactly what was going through Kerry’s mind.

“I mean, the idea of the woman sleeping was just something she’d come up with, something she wanted to do. I remember how excited she was about how it would look, because she loved film and music.”

I asked Kerry what she remembered about Dave Sardy, one of the main songwriters on Banshee’s Son.

“Dave Sardy, I think, was a big inspiration on the music, on the video. He was a big influence, of course, on the music. You know, music and film has a lot in common, they both have a story. It’s just, in a sense, the story of the story, music is about the process of creating, of telling stories.”

As I talked to Kerry, I realized I was getting close to the heart of the Banshee’s Son story, although in a way, the story is more universal than it would appear because many people in our world have the same experiences Kerry and her band have had. The truth is we all see the world through the same filters of our own perceptions, and when those perceptions are distorted by a love affair or a childhood trauma or a loss or a feeling of hopelessness or

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