The Black Panthers are Fighting Racism and Violence

Letters to the Editor: Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

Latinx communities fighting racism don’t need Martinez, Cedillo and De León

By: Erika Loo

Latinx peoples all across the country are fighting racism and oppression. In my home state of South Carolina, the Black community in Columbia is fighting against police brutality. A member of the group, the Black Panthers, was recently shot by officers. He had just completed community outreach with the Black Panthers and was in the parking lot with his fellow Black Panthers. The officer was told to put his hands on the hood of the car, the officer did as instructed. But that was only the beginning. The same officer started firing from three sides. It was a hail of bullets. He was hit in the chest and taken to the hospital.

This incident happened just last month. Two other Black Panthers who were not with the one who was injured were shot and killed while they were out selling t-shirts with the Black Panthers logo, trying to recruit others to join the fight. The Black Panther Party wants black people to fight for freedom, but they have been met with resistance, racism and violence.

The officer who shot the Black Panthers at the Black Panther Party headquarters, is being tried in court right now. This man, who is not white, has been arrested. He has been accused of murder. It is still being investigated and the charges he has is of voluntary manslaughter. There are multiple eyewitnesses and evidence, including surveillance video, that he was not the one who shot the Black Panthers. However, even after the investigation by the State Attorney’s Office, he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. This is unacceptable and racist.

Racism is rampant and is becoming more and more rampant. I do not know why this officer, who did not follow the rules, was allowed to be on the beat with the Black Panthers. He should have known, if a Black Panthers was not allowed on the beat, he could not have been there. Why was he allowed to go in without being told? I think people should be held accountable for

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