The Broken Record: A True Story of the Race Across the Country

The Times podcast: Masters of Disasters: Broken records!

by Mark Brown

We begin the episode with a blast from the past!

The Times staff will be joined by some very special guests this week.

This is a very special episode of The Times Daily.

Hear the stories and tell the stories that make up a broken record.

We ask you questions about the stories you heard and you give us your opinion on the stories that matter most.

I’ll be in studio this week with Stephen S. Foster.

This is a conversation with the author of The Broken Record: A True Story of the Race Across the Country.

Stephen Foster is a former race car driver.

He’s seen first-hand the great racetracks and he knows first-hand what it takes to survive such a race.

In this conversation he shares how he overcame a broken collar bone in an attempt to compete at the Indianapolis 500 in 1954.

And how his wife and his best friend saved his life that day.

This is a special episode.

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