The Chicago Bears’ Week 1 Win Over Jacksonville Should Have A Positive Effect on Their Record

Colts Owner Defends Jeff Saturday’s Hire as Coach

As you can tell from the list of past coaching changes, NFL teams have a bad habit of making changes mid-season — often in the middle of the season. The Chicago Bears have gone back and forth between John Fox, Lovie Smith, Mike Singletary and now Jeff Saturday, who is out of contract yet. They hired one coach then fired the other one for the season.

It’s not like the Bears have had great success with Jeff Saturday up on the sidelines. They have struggled to defend opposing offenses and have been one of the worst run teams in the NFL. The Bears gave up a lot of points and yards this season, and some of them came when the Bears were playing in Fox’s system.

There are always ways to run a team, so Sunday’s win against Jacksonville should have a positive effect on the Bears’ record.

But just in case Chicago fans start worrying about their team not practicing hard enough, as you can see from the team’s Twitter feed (@PeteCarrollNFL)—they’ve already had an off day.

This is a great article. It is very evident and the facts of this article are very accurate. I am a huge fan of the Chicago Bears as I grew up watching the Bears on Sundays and as such I hope the organization keeps this guy.

If you had to choose between a team that played a lot of physical football on a team that plays like they did last night and a team that plays like they practice and played in the fall then I’m all for Saturday because he is a great motivator, motivates the players to work harder, and I’m pretty sure the players will respond and turn things around. I’m hoping the players respond and bring a better product the next two weeks on the field. However, as a fan I would rather be more impressed with the team that puts in 100% every day after the big game then I would be by a team that puts in an average effort on a day in and day out basis. So while we can’t have both in the future, the Bears will have to find a way to motivate the players and I’m sure if he is able to bring something from the past to the field then I’ll believe he is a great coach. However, the same

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