The City Council is going to get a second response from Karen Bass and Rick Caruso

Letters to the Editor: Why Karen Bass and Rick Caruso both give reason to hope on homelessness

For many years I have been frustrated by the way the city and county government has handled the issue of homelessness in our community. There are many reasons to be frustrated and it should not stop at simply not addressing the issue through the proper channels.

I have been troubled for years with how the county has handled its shelter services and with how the city has handled its social services department. While the city was cutting services to a level that made its citizens cringe, the county was making excuses about how it was not able to afford such a service level.

When that excuse fell short, county and city officials would take a vacation or two and just ignore the issue. I would write letters, and I always received a response that my concerns were not being taken seriously enough. That was the way it was done for those who were frustrated.

In 2012 I wrote to the mayor and offered up my concerns. It took me a while to get a response. At that time I wondered how many city officials had come home from vacation and were now ready to just get on with the day-to-day business.

I also wondered how many members of the county Board of Commissioners were gone from their vacation and now ready to get back to business because they had been let down by the city officials.

Finally I got a response from the county. After I wrote a second letter, I received another letter that basically said these services are not being cut because they are being cut. It is because it is being cut by the politicians in the city and the county who have not been holding themselves to a higher standard but instead have been cutting services because they can.

I guess that was my first response to Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. I guess that is what the City Council is going to get for putting their political agenda ahead of the lives of our needy and under served. Karen Bass and Rick Caruso offer up reason to hope that perhaps people will finally take the issue of homelessness seriously. Perhaps if these two council members had any integrity, they would not be wasting the city’s time by putting forward their own political agenda. It would be more than a waste of time in my opinion.

Karen Bass


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