The City That Is The Worst

Behind Oz’s Crime Attacks Is a Play for the Philly Suburbs

If there’s one thing I would really love to see happen in Philly, (but I don’t see that happening) it’s for us to go all out and go after the cities that the rest of us ignore. We’re not a big city, but I’d love us to come out all guns blazing when we have the opportunity, just like we did with the rest of the south in the 1970s. We need to make the city a little more fun and get it off the TV screen.

This isn’t to say that one should completely disregard the people in the cities that we love. I think most of us will admit that we need to make improvements within our neighborhoods to keep them happy and safe. We’ve already seen the impact of the violent crime, and it needs to be dealt with. We do have crime in the city, but by and large we’ve dealt with it better than some other cities.

I won’t pretend that we’ve made Philadelphia the safest city on the planet. But we’ve got our shit together a lot better than we did 15-20 years ago.

But now, we have a problem.

This is what happens when you let crime fester in your backyard. This is what happens when you turn on your neighbors for no other reason than to drive down their property taxes. This is what happens when you start allowing criminals to live in your city.

You have a few cities in this country that are really hotbeds for crime. They’re right out of the 1970s. Those cities need to be destroyed.

Now, in a perfect world, we would get a little more involved in fighting crime in Philadelphia. We would open up the police department, and bring a bit more discipline and focus to the force. We would have more police officers, more officers that wear body cameras, and we would make sure that they have more training and skills. And the public and political leadership would realize that it’s time for a change from the old way of doing things. But that would really take a long time, and really cost a lot to change. I think that in years to come, we’ll be able to point to us

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