The Dodgers Are On The Verge of the End

Commentary: The excruciating conclusion of the Dodgers’ glorious season.

The Dodgers have suffered three defeats under Kershaw, the best pitcher of the season. The fact that they have won all three games is nothing short of a miracle, and they probably are as good as they were in the beginning, but now, the Dodgers are on the verge of the end.

It’s been a very long offseason for the Dodgers, as they had to let go three players that would affect their team.

The Dodgers have lost the likes of Russell Martin, Dee Gordon, and Corey Seager, but they also have received a much-needed reinforcement in Manny Machado, the most successful free-agent signing in franchise history.

At the moment, both are fighting for their spot in the outfield, but in the long run, the real test will be whether or not Machado can develop into a center fielder. The fact that he’s been called up to the outfield for a few games would indicate that he can, but there is a lot of work to do for him to build up his strength and become a viable option for the Dodgers in the outfield.

It’s been a very tough year for the Dodgers, and not everything went according to plan right from the start. There is still a lot of anger, which is understandable and it will be a long time before it’s forgotten. But after the season, the Dodgers will take their fans to enjoy a good summer season, which they should enjoy now, before it’s ruined by a disappointing season.

What I think happened at the start of the season is that the team just wasn’t mentally in the same place as last season, when they were in the World Series. It’s a little bit different to suffer three defeats in a row, as this season, it’s definitely been hard to lose when you’re on top, but also hard to maintain your momentum and not lose.

The Dodger fans love their team and their players, but the Dodgers have experienced the worst of seasons from a team perspective in a long time, as they’ve won the pennant but lost the World Series. After a good run, the Dodgers would need to find a way to get back

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