The First President of Mexico

Letters to the Editor: A “short brown’ Oaxacan was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

Mexican presidents have left their legacies behind when they left office, just as they have in life.

The Mexican president is the one who has the biggest influence in Mexico’s history and on the destiny of the country. Mexico’s fate depends on the policies he puts into practice.

To be a good president in Mexico, an individual must have a certain character: he must have a mind for details, for detail. He must also be able to communicate with the people – he must be a leader who can convince his people.

This country has a long history – and it continues to be a great country, with great richness and with new discoveries every day.

But for our history to become a historic memory, we must start with the first president.

And I would like to dedicate this letter to the only true Mexican president – Nury Martinez.

He was a person who respected the people and knew what the people wanted in terms of their lives and their future.

He believed in the right and not the left. He believed in the law, the constitution, in the respect for justice and in the dignity of the human person.

He built an excellent country, a prosperous country, one that would be a model for the world.

Unfortunately, he did not live to see his country become a great model for the world.

I consider myself a person who, because of his political views, was always subjected to threats and insults. This was his curse.

He did the right thing. And therefore he is a great man.

With great affection,

Ramon Efraim

Oaxaca, Mexico

Re: An ‘Oaxacan short brown’ was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

Oaxaca is a land of contrasts. We have the land of the gods. We have the land of the saints. We have the land of the saints and the land of the gods.

And in the center of this land, in the capital city

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