The House passes a spending bill that would end the shutdown

Lawmakers want this to be the last time Americans turn back clocks for daylight saving time as they pass a final stop on their “Summer Solstice” holiday celebration.

But now that the clock has passed the “midnight” hour, it’s unclear whether lawmakers really want to end what has been a three-day celebration.

The House voted unanimously Thursday to pass the year-end spending bill with a provision that would end the federal government’s year-long experiment on rolling back the time change that took effect at the end of last year and start over.

If President Donald Trump signs the bill with that provision, which was first reported by Bloomberg News and has been endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers, the nation will move from a time zone that is 10 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone to one that is 8 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone.

Congress also approved a spending bill that would spend $3.7 billion to build a border wall. But in a last-minute snafu, it also included a provision to provide $3.6 billion to build about 6 miles of “physical wall” on the southern border where Mexico has threatened to withdraw from the deal reached last year that would have provided for a nearly 1,900 mile barrier of existing and new fencing.

That portion of the border wall was not part of the Trump administration’s original “emergency” spending plan to build a wall this year.

The border money likely will be provided by an amendment to a spending bill House leaders attached as an amendment to a supplemental spending bill that they will send to make up for what the Congressional Budget Office estimated would be a $1.4 billion cost of the current government shutdown last month.

The appropriations bill funds programs for the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the Department of Defense and the Interior Department. It also includes $600 billion in funding for federal agencies, such as NASA and the EPA, and a $1.5

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