The Ohio House of Representatives’ Bill to Fix Foster Care

Endorsement: Pilar Schiavo for Assembly

State Sen. Pilar Schiavo (R-Hialeah) is considering a run for the Ohio House of Representatives.

Schiavo is currently the vice chairwoman of the powerful Senate Finance and Tax Committee. The committee will soon vote on placing an amendment into the 2014 budget.

The amendment would eliminate an Ohio statute that allows the creation of a “shelter care” facility. Schiavo is quoted as saying that this law “is a form of abuse.”

“This amendment would eliminate the creation of ‘shelter care’ facilities for the purpose of committing abuse,” she is quoted as saying. “The bill before us is an attempt to fix Ohio’s failing child welfare system.”

“The amendment before us would allow Ohio hospitals to provide care for children who have been abused. It will do the same thing for abused children.”

“We’ve seen too many ‘shelters’ for abused children fail, and these children who are taken to be ‘sheltered’ are warehoused, abused, and left to suffer.”

According to The Columbus Dispatch:

“This bill is about creating a home where kids can go to be safe without being treated like commodities to be sold off.”

“We have too many kids in foster care who have been abused and left without a permanent home, or permanent care. We are trying to address this, and this is the beginning.”

Schiavo is quoted as saying, “The bill before us is simply trying to fix foster care.”

“Shelter care is a failure.”

“This bill is about fixing child protection. It is not about helping foster care workers or about allowing

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