The People of Color Should Be The Power That Elects Black People

Letters to the Editor: Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León have done grave racial harm to L.A. County.

We all have a responsibility to make sure the voices of the people are heard.

As for Martinez and Cedillo, their words and deeds are so shameful that I don’t think the person who wrote the article could even bring themselves to use public restrooms where they are. However, I will continue to call on Gil Cedillo for his comments that L.A. County has “no black politicians,” because people of color didn’t elect these individuals.

When will all the people of good conscience realize that it is these same black people, both elected officials and public servants, who are responsible for a lot of crime, poverty and unemployment in L.A. County?

There are thousands of examples of why we elect, or do not elect, blacks to public office.

Kevin de León is no different from other white politicians. He can change many of those words to make themselves sound black. However, there are those who will defend Kevin de León because they feel he is being bullied by L.A. County and the black race.

Gil Cedillo is another story. He should apologize for being offensive on the radio shows he has hosted — a majority of those who listen to him are white.

If you think Gil Cedillo should be a member of the NAACP then that is your opinion. I think he is racist and needs to do what an elected official is supposed to do. Elect.

Nury Martinez said on her show that he wants to get rid of all the black elected officials, but she is forgetting that she herself is a black woman who has never made any attempt to help the black community.

We, the people, have to be the power that elects someone who will actually do something positive for our community.

What’s funny is that all these “black” politicians and the other people of color of color, who support them, have not been able to do anything for us.

We, the people, have been fighting for years for justice, but the black politicians have

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