The President Is Not a Hispanic Voter

TUCKER CARLSON: Evan McMullin is a fraud — Utah voters should know what they’re voting for right now.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: You could say he’s an anti-immigration fanatic, and you could say that he’s anti-Semitic. He could be described as a self-hating, white-hating, Christian Identity fanatic who sees the Jews in this country as his adversaries. Any of those descriptions could apply to him, and yet despite his rhetoric, he is a guy who supports the president and the Republicans on all those issues that are important to Hispanics.

CARLSON: Alluding to the issue of immigration — immigration. I want to ask you about his immigration position. And Juan, you’ve covered this issue pretty intensively over the last few years, and I think you could see why he’s called in to talk now. What do you make of this guy’s positioning?

GONZÁLEZ: There is some real evidence and some real statistics that bear on that, and that is that there are a lot of immigrants who voted, and those who are here legally and, frankly, more than legally. And so, there’s a perception that immigrants aren’t going to vote. And I will concede, he might be wrong. I don’t know. He’s a guy who’s got a lot to lose, and he’s got a lot to gain. He has a very, very attractive message that is really resonating with white voters, which is to put the burden of the problems that are facing the country on Washington, D.C., and not the entire nation.

And that is why the polling results have been so different — because the polls have been showing that whites, especially, are much more supportive of President Obama’s policies than they were of Obama before. You see that reflected in his re-election numbers, which have been quite good. And in terms of his Hispanic support, we’ve seen a big surge in that category. And yet, the polls show that that’s not translating into voting.

CARLSON: Well, I think that he doesn’t have the numbers, in the Hispanic voting case, that he needs. And I think he doesn’t have the numbers to win the state or the presidency. But that doesn’t mean that the president should be happy with the numbers either.

GONZÁLEZ: Right. Well, you know,

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