The proposed surf park in the desert near San Bernardino is rejected by the city council

Proposed surf park in California desert is rejected by La Quinta City Council

A proposed surf park in the desert near San Bernardino can’t be built because the city council members don’t want to be seen approving an unsightly building that’ll destroy a beautiful stretch of coastline.

La Quinta, Calif. – A surf park that was to be built on a desert tract near San Bernardino was rejected by the city council Thursday night.

In its official statement of rejection, council member Dan Haysman said, “The proposed site is too remote and the need for a park too great. The site cannot support a commercial or residential development and it is not on a high growth area.”

The proposed 60-acre site is located just south of State Route 62/Ranch Road in La Quinta. The site is within a mile, or two-tenths of a mile, of a scenic ocean, where it will be open to the public.

The developer of the property, the California Surf Center, was looking for a location where an average 400 to 500 people visited the facility every day, Haysman said.

He said the proposed site is “not appropriate for any commercial or residential development.”

Because of the size of the site, its location within a mile of a scenic ocean and its remote location, the city has rejected the property in its entirety.

The city staff’s recommendation to the council would have allowed the surf park to be built as a part of a larger master planned community.

Haysman, who lives in La Quinta, said he’s “surprised and flattered” that La Quinta City Council members would take such a stand.

“We need to think strategically about what we do, rather than react. We’re thinking as a community rather than as a council member,” he said.

The proposed surf park would have been built in close proximity to the nearby California Surf Center, which will feature a 12-meter wave pool and an aquatic center and classroom facility.

The facility also would have included a fitness center, a spa, an observation lounge, swimming pools and a snack bar.

The surf park’s primary use would be

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