The Restoration Hardware Cafes: Why it’s a good idea to go to the new location

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

For many, Restoration Hardware’s founder, Frank Stokes III, is probably best known for having left the family business at the turn of the century and opening his own restaurant, the Restoration Hardware Cafés in Brooklyn. For a while I was under the impression that they were opening a brand new restaurant in the “big city,” but that’s been replaced by news that they’re opening a new RH brand eatery in the “big city,” at the foot of the iconic building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But here’s why, from a restaurateur’s point of view, it makes even more sense to go to the new location.

First off, it will be a big restaurant, on a great site. It was announced a couple of months ago that the restaurant would be replacing the main dining room’s former wood and brick structure with a modern glass and steel structure and open space. According to the restaurant’s website, the new restaurant’s ceiling is made entirely of glass, “and its floor is made of steel and glass.” It includes a large terrace overlooking a small park.

The previous restaurant, meanwhile, was built in the early 1920s to serve the wealthy, as the Stokes family’s then-new restaurant at 507 Eastern was one of the first to serve alcohol. It was a “highclass restaurant,” complete with a “grand piano at one end and a grand piano in the parlor at the other end.”

But it closed in the mid-’30s, after the stock market crashed. The family eventually bought the building and turned it into a jewelry store, but it closed in the early 1980s.

But the new restaurant, then known as the Restoration Hardware Cafes, closed in 2012. They reopened in 2015 under new ownership as a take-out or delivery food joint.

Now it’s going to be a modern, sleek, upscale eatery featuring some of their famous hardware and rustic charm.

So, how did they end up closing the restaurant under their former name, Restoration Hardware Cafés? A few years ago they were planning to re-introduce

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