The Shooting of Three People on Hollywood Walk of Fame

2 people stabbed on Hollywood Walk of Fame

On Tuesday night, three people were shot and stabbed on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The incident occurred during a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the movie ‘Dangerous Minds’ starring Bill Cosby and Janet Jones, according to TMZ.

Witness David Schoenmiller, who heard the shooting, told the tabloid: “I was at the top of the Hollywood Walk of Fame celebrating the 30th anniversary of the premiere of Dangerous Minds, with Janet Jones, Bill Cosby, and my girlfriend, Heather, who just got out of jail on a probation violation.”

He said his girlfriend, Heather, was at the same event with her son.

He said he looked up to see Janet Jones’ face covered in blood and blood coming from the face of her attacker – “I saw someone that came down the stairs and had a knife in his hand.”

He said Bill Cosby walked past his girlfriend and said “Hey, you okay bitch?”, but Schoenmiller said he didn’t recognize him.

Then, Schoenmiller said he saw another man with a knife “trying to stab Janet Jones with the other one,”

He said the last two words he heard were “You fucking whore. You fucking whore.”

“But then the last part was, ‘You fucking whore, you faggot, you fucking bitch,’” according to Schoenmiller, who said he then ran over to his girlfriend and held her in his arms.

He said he told Janet Jones, “My God, you’re alive; you’re okay. What happened?”

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Schoenmiller left the scene and told his girlfriend to call 911.

“She was like, ‘What happened? What happened?”’ he told TMZ.

Once police arrived at the event, Schoenmiller said he was shocked to find that two people were still alive, but he said he had no idea exactly how they got there.

He told TMZ, “I saw someone running in between the two of us and one person got hit, and the other person ran up behind the first person in the back of the person, stabbed in the throat and stabbed in the arm. He was probably about to stab him in the back and he stabbed the other person in the arm and he was stabbed in the throat.

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