The White House Is Proposing 100,000 More Troops

As White House Presses for Booster Shots, Americans Are Slow to Get Them

On February 14, President Trump announced that he was adding 100,000 more troops to protect Americans from Iran and North Korea.

The White House is also proposing an expanded missile-defense system that would include sea-based interceptors and ground-launched interceptors—capable of shooting down intercontinental ballistic missiles; a system to detect and target short- and intermediate-range missiles; and a system to track and attack cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

A handful of states, including California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have suggested allowing the White House to buy these additional missile defense funds within their own budget.

While the Trump administration is talking about all the things we need, the truth is that millions of Americans don’t have the dollars to buy any.

And as long as President Trump doesn’t get serious about helping pay down our national debt, the American middle class is going to be going to Washington, D.C. to ask for help to buy an umbrella, a new car, and a cell phone.

The White House is going to have to do a lot more than announce a few extra troops. They’ll have to do more than talk about missile defense and the need for the military-industrial complex to invest more in weaponry.

The Pentagon’s budget is already bloated with hundreds of billions of military dollars that won’t ever be spent.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. military budget in fiscal year 2014 was $607.6 billion—more than triple the amount in 1977, and a significant increase on the $238.2 billion that the U.S. military had spent in 2000.

So in 2016, a few hundred thousand more troops can’t do enough.

So what else can President Trump do to get Americans to want to leave their warm homes and go back to work

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