Tom Corbett Declared Victory in Pennsylvania Reelection Race

John Fetterman delivers huge win for Democrats, outduels Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race

John Fetterman takes the stage during his victory speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fetterman defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Corbett Allen on Tuesday, giving Democrats control of the Senate for the first time in 50 years.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett declared victory in his reelection bid, but it wasn’t as easy as winning a basketball game after all.

In his victory speech Tuesday night, the Republican governor conceded that his team had won — but only after the final buzzer.

There was no doubt that GOP gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett had the support of Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, who spent much of the campaign stumping for the GOP nominee, saying Corbett ran a “clean campaign” and would make Pennsylvania “great again,” his mantra.

Rendell and Corbett supporters, though, had differing opinions of how the race should be viewed and adjudged.

In the lead up to the polls, Corbett said, “I don’t want to be an incumbent in name only. I want to be someone who can get things done.”

But the governor and his vice-president campaign said in TV ads that Corbett had been forced into a tough situation by President Barack Obama’s decision to appoint Obama-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to the high court, leaving an open seat in the Senate.

“I have never run as a weak candidate,” Corbett said. “I have wanted to bring change to Pennsylvania.”

Corbett said the race was about Pennsylvania and Obama. He said Obama’s health care law had passed the state without a fight, and Obama had given him no choice but to support the law.

He said he wanted to be president one day and would sign legislation that gave the states the right to decide who would be governor.

“The people in this race,” he said, “were not just in it to run as an incumbent.”

There was no question that Corbett had the support of Democrats, who had backed his opponent, former U.S. Rep. Mark Critz and the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania.

The Republican campaign said Corbett faced a “red wave” of negative ads and that there would be more to

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