Toronto staff is proposing electric vehicle rebates

Electric vehicle rebate among staff proposals to speed up Toronto’s target to become a carbon neutral city

Toronto’s electric vehicle rebate and electric bike rebate initiatives is growing by the day, and now it’s also growing among staff. Yesterday, we heard about some of the incentives that are being offered to staff to accelerate the development of electric-only and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle programs.

Another example is a staff proposal to extend an electric vehicle rebate to be offered to all staff on an annual basis, as well as an incentive to encourage staff to buy a plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) vehicle.

This comes from the city manager’s office of the Electric Mobility Task Force, and was shared with staff on March 26.

In the proposal, staff suggests that an electric vehicle rebate could be offered to all staff members in the first year and to continue on an annual basis for those employees.

Other incentives that could be offered by the Electric Mobility Task Force include an EV rebate that would be offered to all staff, as well as a “purchasing incentive” that would pay to take on a car loan and pay back the loan with a cash rebate.

The initiative comes as City staff has come forward with the idea of a “20/20/20” (Zero emission goal for carbon emissions in all three categories – transportation energy and materials, buildings and appliances, and waste).

“We think that every employee in the City of Toronto has an impact to make our city emissions-free and we’re willing to work with all of our staff to achieve this goal,” the city manager’s office said in a statement.

This is the fourth time in less than a year that staff have proposed a series of electric vehicle rebates. In January, staff made a proposal to extend a $100 rebate to all city employees with an electric vehicle to help offset the cost of charging an electric vehicle.

In February, staff proposed an incentive to employees to have an electric vehicle, with a rebate of $300 for every vehicle purchased and $600 for every additional vehicle.

In June, staff presented a potential electric vehicle rebate of $150 for new car purchase and $300 for every vehicle subsequently purchased, and also introduced the idea

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