Trump is Just Like Them

7 Biden-Harris quotes that will come back to haunt them in midterm elections.

Donald Trump’s White House bid is being run in large part by his campaign chairman, Corey Lewandowski, who is a high-speed wrecking ball.

He’s not only building up the Trump team through outside help, he’s using that help aggressively against those who disagree with him – including, by his own admission, former rival Hillary Clinton.

And he’s using these tactics against Democrats, too.

Take, for example, the latest salvo from Lewandowski: “I hope the Democrats lose the mid-term elections, not because it does them any good, but they will lose because Hillary Clinton is not a good defender of the Constitution and the rule of law, and the Democrat Party doesn’t do much to help the Constitution and the rule of law. And Democrats don’t fight hard for the Constitution and the rule of law and our nation’s values.”

He then went on to cite the Constitution’s first amendment, which bans political “advocacy” of “anything that would interfere with the right of people to freely… speak, publish and communicate their thoughts” of a “aughty… or evil nature.”

It’s all part of the Republican playbook to remind voters that Trump is just like them, that he will do the exact same things as them.

But he’s not.

Instead of “speaking”, Trump has been saying one thing. And that thing is that he thinks he has to defend himself from the Russia investigation.

And here’s how he’s doing it:

He’s accusing Clinton of having “ties to the Russians” – but, as we’ve highlighted, Clinton has never met a financial transaction her husband didn’t approve. And he’s been repeating something that his own aides say is false: that he has “ties to Russia” because he paid off a porn star who says he gave her a massage.

Trump is peddling the same Russian-Clinton lie that was exposed after it was repeatedly

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