Twitter says its mobile chat service is down for users and businesses

WhatsApp back online after major outage Published duration 15 February 2017

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Twitter has confirmed that its popular mobile chat service is currently down for users and businesses.

Users have been unable to access the service on their iPhones and Android devices for some time, but it was only when a large number of users experienced “technical difficulties” that the extent of the outage became clear.

It is the first time Twitter has offered a “tech-related technical outage” on its own official site since the service’s inception in 2006, the service said.

Twitter said it “will work around this issue” with the help of its third-party developers.

The company said its engineering team would be meeting with Apple on Tuesday afternoon.

Twitter declined to say when exactly the service would be fully restored.

It also did not give an explanation for how many users were affected, nor when any specific issue with the service may have occurred.

There have been several notable technical glitches for other sites in the social media space.

In 2016, when Facebook suffered a DDoS attack, it was reported to have gone down for tens of millions of users. There were similar issues on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Another Facebook service, Messenger, experienced a glitch after it failed to recognise the date the company had been hacked.

And it was announced last month that WhatsApp’s service in Canada was down for approximately 13 hours. The company blamed the outage on “technical difficulties”.

On Tuesday morning, WhatsApp’s team said that the service was back at 100% and that the downtime was caused by a “technical bug”.

The social media service said it remained “focused on fixing this and is in the process of informing our users of the situation”.

“While we can’t guarantee a flawless service for everyone on Twitter for today, we’ve been able to restore some of the most popular features

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