Voters can cast ballots online or in person

Forget election night results. Answers might take days or weeks in some L.A. races

L.A. County voters get a chance to decide the candidates for five statewide offices and four district legislative seats as they go to the polls in the June 5 primary. Election officials are trying to minimize the impact of voter confusion by offering voters a chance to ask questions and cast one-on-one votes on the Web, where they can be posted in minutes.

“Elections are not done in a vacuum,” said Larry Levinson, an L.A. County Elections Supervisor. “It’s the people who are running to win elections and it’s the people who are elected to serve in public office and it’s the people who are voting for these candidates that make elections happen.”

If voters have questions about candidates they can go online, where election officials are making video tutorials and answering voters’ questions. Voters can also submit their questions in advance for the candidates to answer in a live Web chat or on Facebook.

“We’re trying to bring the election into the 21st century,” Levinson said.

At the same time voter confusion is increasing as more people vote early, according to research by University of California-Los Angeles Professor Robert Greenstein, who has researched how people vote with focus groups and surveys.

About 30% of people vote early with ballots cast by mail, Greenstein said. And when they do, voters think their ballots are less trustworthy than they are.

“I had one pollster who told me if you mailed in your ballots how good they are, you should throw them away because people are not using them,” Greenstein said.

Los Angeles County, where voters cast their ballots in the mail or early, expects more than 120,000 early voters, some 90,000 whose ballots were submitted by mail and nearly 40,000 early voters voting in person.

Voters can cast ballots for five statewide offices and four district legislative seats on the Web from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 4 through the 7 p.m. Thursday, June 11, election’s official closing deadline. To vote on the Web, go to and click on “Vote Online.”

The vote-by-mail option works well for

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